— The VS Code Compatible Syntax Highlighting API.

Available Languages

Torchlight relies on the VS Code engine, giving us access to a wide ecosystem of best-in-class language grammars.

Several of these are the defaults you'd expect, a few have been specially added by request (Laravel Blade, Statamic Antlers), and some have been written by us exclusively for Torchlight (curl, for example).

The names below are just for human readability, to use the language in your blocks, use the key attribute whenever a language is required.

Some lanugages have multiple aliases, those are denoted by the pipes |. They are provided for your convenience.

Name Key
ABAP abap
Actionscript 3 actionscript-3
Ada ada
Alpine.js alpine | alpinejs
Apex apex
Applescript applescript
Assembly asm
AWK awk
Batch bat | batch
C c
C# csharp | c#
C++ cpp
Clojure clojure | clj
Cobol cobol
Coffee Script coffee
Crystal crystal
CSS css
Curl curl
D d
Dart dart
Dockerfile dockerfile
Elixir elixir
Elm elm
Embedded Ruby (ERB) html-ruby-erb | erb
Erlang erlang
F# fsharp | f#
git-commit git-commit
git-diff diff
git-ignore git-ignore | gitignore
git-rebase git-rebase
gnuplot gnuplot
Go go
GraphQL graphql
Groovy groovy
Hack hack
Haml haml
Handlebars handlebars | hbs
HashiCorp Configuration Language hcl
Haskell haskell
HLSL hlsl
HTML html
INI ini
Java java
JavaScript javascript | js
Jinja HTML jinja-html
JSON json
jsonc jsonc
Jsonnet jsonnet
JSX jsx
Julia julia
Kotlin kotlin
Laravel Blade blade
Latex latex | tex
Less less
Lisp lisp
Logo logo
Lua lua
Makefile makefile
Markdown markdown | md
MATLAB matlab
MDX mdx
Nix nix
Objective-C objective-c | objc
OCaml ocaml
Pascal pascal
Perl perl
Perl6 perl6
PHP php
Plaintext (null) | txt | text | plaintext
PostCSS postcss
PowerShell powershell | ps | ps1
Prolog prolog
Pug pug | jade
Puppet puppet
PureScript purescript
Python python | py
R r
Razor razor
Ruby ruby | rb
Rust rust
SAS sas
Sass sass
Scala scala
Scheme scheme
SCSS scss
ShaderLab shaderlab | shader
Shell shell
Smalltalk smalltalk
SQL sql
ssh-config ssh-config
Statamic Antlers antlers
Stylus stylus | styl
Swift swift
Tcl tcl
TOML toml
tsx tsx
TypeScript typescript | ts
VB vb | cmd
VimL viml
Vue vue
WebAssembly wasm
Wenyan 文言 | wenyan
XML xml
XSL xsl
YAML yaml

Curl vs Shell

If you are using Torchlight to document an API, you may find the default highlighting for the shell language a little uninspired when it comes to curl examples.

We have written a custom language grammar specifically for curl, to highlight the different parts of the command and its parameters.

Standard shell language:

1curl \
2 -d "business_profile[privacy_policy_url]"="" \
3 -d "business_profile[terms_of_service_url]"="" \
4 -d "features[invoice_history][enabled]"=true

Custom curl language:

1curl \
2 -d "business_profile[privacy_policy_url]"="" \
3 -d "business_profile[terms_of_service_url]"="" \
4 -d "features[invoice_history][enabled]"=true

If you have any requests for modifications or new languages, let us know!

A Hammerstone, LLC Product.
Built with Love & Care by Aaron in Dallas, Texas.