— The VS Code Compatible Syntax Highlighting API.


Statamic is a powerful flat-file CMS built on top of Laravel. Because Statamic is built on top of Laravel, we can leverage our other clients to work with Statamic!


There is no separate Statamic client, instead we'll use the CommonMark PHP one.

To install, require the package from composer:

1composer require torchlight/torchlight-commonmark

This will install the Laravel Client as well.

Enabling the Extension

According to the Statamic docs, you can add an extension by calling Markdown::addExtension in your AppServiceProvider:

1Markdown::addExtension(function () {
2 return new TorchlightExtension;

The extension should now be enabled!


To configure your Torchlight installation, publish the configuration file by running

1php artisan torchlight:install

To read about all the configuration options available in your torchlight.php file, head over to the Laravel client documentation.

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